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Usage of Our Free Google Slides Templates

You can do a lot with our presentation templates. You can download each template for free through Google Slides Editor, modify it and create your own presentation deck. If you are a designer or design company, you can even use it for your clients as long as you do not charge them anything for the templates. You are allowed to use the templates without linking back to us, so you can remove any link to our website that you may find in the templates. You can also share our templates with a friend or colleague by linking to our download files.

Commerial Use of our Google Slides Templates

All materials and resources found on Free Google Slides Templates are strictly not for sale.

However, you may use our presentation templates as a way to earn money, as long as you don’t charge your clients a single amount for the template and that you are only charging them for other costs of your labor, such as, but not limited to, the following: presentation design, presentation implementation, template modifications. Furthermore, you agree to inform your clients that the template is absolutely free.

Inclusion of Our Presentation Templates in Your Online Portfolio

Templates from Free Google Slides Templates shall not be included in your portfolio, except for the following conditions: If you modified our template, you may include it in your portfolio page along with a link to Free Google Slides Templates. Furthermore, you must clearly specify in your portfolio page that the said template is the property of Free Google Slides Templates.

Credits to be Retained

Credits in the notes must be retained. You agree to leave the copyright notes in the presentation notes even if you modify the template. The notes sections is only viewed by presenters and designers. This will never be seen by regular visitors or your audience.

Third Party’s Terms of Agreement: Images

The presentation template images that are acquired through a Third Party are subject to that Third Party’s Terms of Agreement.

To know if images used are from a Third Party,check the note section of the Google Slides Template for reference and credits.


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