Simple Pastel Theme Presentation Template

Google Slides Template Pastel Presentation

Ideal for teachers, lecturers or academics working with a young audience. This Google Slides Template provides a modern layout combining pictures, shapes and icons. The design techniques displays a combination of geometrical editable elements, that match a specific pastel color. The layouts are configured under the Slide Master.

The user can edit the master, replace the images with meaningful concepts to their topics and keep a consistent layout and look and feel across the presentation.When replacing the photographs, take into account that is recommended to use high resolution pictures, in order to comply with the rest of the design. The credits slides suggest sources for images where the user can select new pictures according to the speech.

This modern flat designs are useful for products descriptions, demonstrations, lectures, classes or even parents meetings. Each of the elements present in the Slide master and the regular slides are editable. The users will not lose visual quality modifying the shapes properties. The font where selected taking into account paring designs.

Apply the Simple Pastel Theme Presentation Template in your Google Slides and create a beautiful presentation in a few clicks.

Features of Simple Pastel Theme Presentation Template Google Slides

  • Free Google Slides Templates: Free To Download - Free To Use Everywere (please read carefully the Terms of Use before using this template, restrictions may apply).
  • Created for Google Slides but thinking in compatibility with Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote.
  • Created for 16:9 Aspect Ratio.
  • Vectorial Shapes and Icons: Resize and Edit the Look and Feel without losing resolution.
  • No Login or Account Creation Required
  • This is a Live site, we create new Google Slides Templates Regularly.

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