Google Slides Themes UX Template

Google Slides Themes UX Presentation

The UX Google Slides Themes Presentation template is an all in one Presentation Template created for google Slides. It contains a Google Slides Theme based in a blue palette, containing different designs suitable for business presentations, product descriptions, sales pitch’s,  etc.

Google Slides Themes Content

The Google Slides Themes content is described in the following list:

  1. The Templates starts with a cover Google Slides designed as a composite of Google Shapes. The cover is designed within the Slide Master. The user can edit the master and customize the colors of the UX design.
  2. The second design provided is the section separator. Also included in the Google slides Master theme;  created with Google Shapes rectangles with delicate transparencies.
  3. The agenda design is a clean two vertical tiles layout with the titles in the left and a custom bullet list in the right tile.
  4. In order to show opposing values, the Google Slides Themes provides a minimalistic designs, based on two vertical tiles with thin icons centered in each pane. A text placeholder is located under each icon.
  5. Images and Text Composite Designs: The Google Slides Themes includes several slides that combine pictures and Google Slides Shapes arranged and aligned professionally; users can describe their message empowering it with the visual impact of pictures. Examples are:
    • Our Focus Slides (3×2 matrix of pictures and shapes)
    • About Our company (horizontal guard with shapes and pictures)
    • Our Numbers (Icons and pictures aligned to describe numeric theme topics)
  6. Background Images: Every presentation needs at least one slide where a background image represents an importan message. In the UX Google Slides Themes its included a background images featuring a railroad with several placeholders decorated with borders and font changes in order to empower the message.
  7. Infographic Shapes and Charts: Nowadays infographics have become the default tool for presenting numbers and their patterns. The Google Slides Themes Provides shapes and editable charts for the users to create dashboards.
  8. Devices Examples: For Product descriptions or to feature successful cases, the Google Slides Themes provides devices for the user to edit with their content.

Our Templates for Google Slides are created with the aim of good taste and aesthetics. Feel free to comment in order to help us improve our content. Our community is always keen on providing feedback ; let us know your thoughts as is the best way to help us improve. Thank you for sharing our Google Slides Themes.

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Features of Google Slides Themes UX Template Google Slides

  • Free Google Slides Templates: Free To Download - Free To Use Everywere (please read carefully the Terms of Use before using this template, restrictions may apply).
  • Created for Google Slides but thinking in compatibility with Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote.
  • Created for 16:9 Aspect Ratio.
  • Vectorial Shapes and Icons: Resize and Edit the Look and Feel without losing resolution.
  • No Login or Account Creation Required
  • This is a Live site, we create new Google Slides Templates Regularly.

Google Slides Preview

In order to edit the presentation in googleslides, you need to make a copy . Once in the Google Slides Screen, go to the File > Make a copy menu option, and you will be able to have a version of the template in your own drive folder.

Open In Google Slides Download In PowerPoint

IMPORTANT: For PowerPoint Downloads, you will need to download the fonts used from Google Fonts. They are free to download and use.

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